Olive Branch Restaurant

We enjoyed a nice dinner at the Olive Branch Restaurant located in Villas, NJ. (just north of Cape May) This small Greek restaurant has a nice selection of appetizers, salads and entrees. The server started us with a basket of warm bread and homemade hummus. The watermelon salad is amazing! The salad has a beautiful presentation with 2 stacks of watermelon, feta cheese, tomatoes, arugula, walnuts that is drizzled with honey and served with a watermelon dressing. We enjoyed the octopus appetizer, chicken kabob, swordfish kabob and lamb chops. All of our entrees were served on a nice bed of rice pilaf and beautiful fresh vegetables. The service was friendly and as we were leaving they invited us back to try their Sunday breakfast. Overall a nice experience and we will certainly return in the future! http://olive branch restaurant, villas nj https://baygetaways.com

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